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I’ve started my carrier working with VFX, making opening titles and TV Ads. In 2005, I started a 1 year course on Cinema and Animation, I learned all of steps so as to make a 3D project, although I decided to specialize in character animation. Casablanca Animation invited me, in order to work as Character Animator. I was responsible for character/creature animation for Ads, I learned a lot, mainly stay aware of deadlines and schedules, they are too tights, by the way. In 2008, I moved to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to work at Globo TV, as 3D animator. I’ve started to animate some characters for Carnaval and I could animate Eva Byte (Virtual Reporter) also. I moved to R&D division at Globo TV, I worked closely with my director as animator and rigger, where I could animate and rig 3D characters for games. Three years later, I went to Paris (France) so as to study character animation at Gobelins. When I came back I moved again to Art department (sport division), working as animator and rigger in a good team, making Ads and open titles for soccer-ball and Formula1. Since I’ve started working at Globo TV, I won three awards for teamwork, one for creativity and three Promax awards (2014 Gold Winner – Global Excellence Promotion, Marketing & Design Awards / 2014 Silver Winner – PromaxBDA Latin America Awards / 2012 Gold Winner – PromaxBDA Design Awards – Global Excellence).