Woman’s walkcycle

It’s my new walk cycle study since I’ve come to Paris in order to study at Gobelins School… Here is very very awesome and the teachers are very nice, and they’re really talented as I’ve imagined. Anyway, let me show you this animation. I hope you enjoy...

Bad Jobs

Hi guys! This is my new animation, I hope that you enjoy it… I have a great friend (Ricardo Biriba) that helped me with feedbacks… I’ve learned some animation stuff with him that improved a lot this animation. Thanks a lot!...

Reaction Animation Study

Hey This animation was an exercise from Gobelins… I should animate one character opening a box and he has a reaction… So, I tried to do that, and I hope they like it. hehehh Thks
Surf Walk Cycle

Surf Walk Cycle

[video_band3d.com link=”http://www.band3d.com/videos/pessoal/walk_surf/walk_surf_ani_final” type=”band3d.com” typevalue=”47825353″]