So… I had many situations with rigs, I don’t know, but in the most of time we need a specific control or something that usually the rigman doesn’t do for us, perhaps the rigman makes a “generic rig” and not a specific rig…

Well… I tryed to do an auto Rig for me, I’m not a rigger but I think that it’s important to know something about rig as animator. In order to it, I made an auto rig project, and I’m posting here the second version about my AutoRig that I called SkeletonCreator. There are many things that I’m going to do, but in this version has:

1 – Arm Ik with SS and Arm FK
2 – Leg Ik with SS
3 – SS in the head
4 – Arm Twist
5 – Foot Controls: Ball, Toe …
6 – Spine with SS

Facial* (next version)
1 – Easy system to control

1 – a easy control that you can animate

1 – Exporter the rig for MotionBuilder, with skin, blend shape…
2 – Exporter the rig for Unity3D, with skin, blend shape…

1 – Exporter the animation for MotionBuilder
2 – Exporter the animation for Unity3D with Scale Support

Skin* (next version)

You can see more in my portfolio online (

See you!